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Toto-Forum (13er-Wette) und Wettforum - - Foren-Übe http://​ Latest check: 1 day ago. This website is safe and with a. The latest Tweets from Betting-Planet (@BettingPlanet). Wettforum und Toto-​Forum - Sportwetten (Fußball, Eishockey, Tennis & mehr) und. Linkblog von nex über Wettforum, •, Fussball, Eishockey, Tennis, 45 - Social Bookmarking und Web Suchmaschine. And while not all of them are legit, there are many out there that offer real Betting Planet bonus services. Das österreichische Mitarbeiterportal für Hotellerie und Gastronomie - die Bewertungsseite. You and other gamblers have an incredible choice of where to do your betting and gaming. We also offer a few tips for making the most of this extra value. The gambling casinos deposit also offer a wide range online games:. Have a look at our Casino by Countries pages to gain all knowledge you need about online casinos in your jurisdiction. And the World Wide Web is home this web page many a plethora of different types of real money online casinos. Gambling Planet offers a selection of the best online casinos real money. Betting Planet

For instance only a handful of US states have legalised sports betting, and you guessed it, they all have different betting sites even if some of the brands are the same.

Australia has a fully regulated online sports betting industry, plus legal lotto betting and arguably the most competitive horse racing scene in the world.

The Australian betting brands that are at the forefront of the industry include Sportsbet, BetEasy and Ladbrokes. USA legal online betting.

While every state has to legislate sports betting before the industry can start, already states like New Jersey and Nevada have thriving online betting sites operating within their borders.

To find out more about the legal online betting options in each US state, read our guide to the best USA sports betting sites. New Zealand online betting.

New Zealand has very lenient betting laws and allows its residents to bet with offshore betting sites, as well as with the TAB, which has both retail betting and an online betting portal.

Betting laws in New Zealand are a constant topic of debate, with many politicians calling for legislation and a regulated sports betting industry.

Online casinos in New Zealand are legal, although there are no gambling sites licensed in New Zealand. The Kiwis chief betting mediums are rugby union, cricket, horse racing and pretty much anything that has a result.

While many Kiwis bet with Australian-licensed wagering operators, there are many other great betting sites for New Zealand.

Sports betting in Canada. Canada is behind the USA when it comes to legal online sports betting, with no single-game wagers allowed at sites licensed in Canada.

Having said this, Canada also allows its residents to bet with sites based overseas. This means many of the biggest betting sites in the world operate in Canada, including giants like Bet, William Hill and BetOnline.

Canada is also home to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which has been a contentious global gambling regulator.

Online casinos in Canada are legal and licensed by each of the provinces in Canada, but again there are now laws stopping residents from playing at offshore gambling sites.

Zimbabwe sports betting. The betting laws in Zimbabwe allow its citizens to bet with offshore betting sites, although the situation is not quite as straightforward in this country.

Because of low internet penetration rates, retail betting is still boss. Having said this, there are many betting sites accepting Zimbabwe sign ups, that have gone out of their way to cater for local deposits.

This includes things like mobile payments with local processors. If you want to play at online casinos from Zimbabwe you will have to play with a site licensed elsewhere, as there are no licensed operators in this country.

Kenya sports betting. Kenya has got a licensed and regulating betting industry, with Kenyan sports betting sites needing to be licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board.

Nations like Kenya are considered to be serious growth areas in sports betting, with more and more operators dipping their toes into this region.

Kenyans wanting to play at online casinos will have do so at offshore sites. UK sports betting. The United Kingdom is arguably the home of sports betting with s of the best online bookmakers based here.

The Gambling Commission is the regulator for all betting activities int he UK. The betting shops in England are frequent, but diminishing as online betting takes over.

Online poker and online casinos are also perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, although you will have to play at a site licensed by the Gambling Commission.

Betting sites by country. Major sports to bet on in The sporting landscape is an evolving beast with major events happening annually, every two years or even every four years, in the case of the FIFA World Cup and Olympics, to name a few.

Globally there are thousands of different leagues and events taking place that have betting markets framed on them on a daily basis.

Football is also one of the biggest betting mediums in the world, with basically every country in the world having some football being played.

Other major tournaments played in football include the Copa America and the Africans Cup. Read our guide to football betting to find out more about wagering on soccer online.

Basketball betting. Basketball has a huge following in the United States, with the NBA also having followers all around the world.

Even the college NCAA competition draws huge betting interest. The FIBA World Cup is played every four years, while the Olympics, due to be played every four years is also a massive international event.

You would be hard found to come across a sports betting site that does not have basketball odds available.

Read our guide to the top basketball betting sites. Horse racing betting. Horse racing obviously exists for betting, which means billions of dollars are wagered globally, in various countries.

Australia, home to the Melbourne Cup and Everest, is probably the strongest sprint racing in the world.

Read our guide to horse racing betting to find out more about the sport. Tennis betting. To find out more about tennis and wagering, read our guide to online tennis betting to find out more.

The average worker today could buy more coal with an hour's pay than he could when "The Coal Question" was published in the last century, just as he could buy more metals and more food.

Things were actually getting less scarce as population grew. The evidence inspired the boomster view of history, which was then refined by Simon and others, like Charles Maurice and Charles W.

They found new supplies or practiced conservation. They managed to recycle without the benefit of government policies or moral exhortations from Greenpeace.

Stone Age tribes in areas short of flint learned to resharpen their tools instead of discarding them as tribes did in flint-rich areas.

Often the temporary scarcity led to a much better substitute. The Greeks' great transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age 3, years ago, according to Maurice and Smithson, was inspired by a disruption of trade due to wars in the eastern Mediterranean.

The disruption produced a shortage of the tin needed to make bronze, and the Greeks responded to the bronze crisis by starting to use iron.

Similarly, timber shortages in 16th-century Britain ushered in the age of coal; the scarcity of whale oil around led to the first oil well in Temporary shortages do occur, but Cornucopians argue that as long as government doesn't interfere -- by mandating conservation or setting the sort of price controls that produced America's gas lines of the 's -- people will find alternatives that turn out to be better.

Yes, you read correctly," Simon wrote in his manifesto, "The Ultimate Resource. This idea marked the crucial difference between Simon and Ehrlich, and between economists and ecologists: the view of the world not as an closed ecosystem but as an flexible marketplace.

The concept of carrying capacity might make sense in discussing Ehrlich's butterflies or Vogt's "Gadarene swine," but Simon rejected animal analogies.

He liked to quote the 19th-century economist Henry George: "Both the jayhawk and the man eat chickens, but the more jayhawks, the fewer chickens, while the more men, the more chickens.

Of course, men can also produce more pollution than jayhawks, and Simon conceded that the marketplace did need some regulation.

But he insisted that environmental crises were being exaggerated. He and another leading boomster, Herman Kahn, edited a book in , "The Resourceful Earth," rebutting the gloomy forecasts of the Government's "Global Report" prepared under President Carter.

Their book was replete with graphs showing that, by most measures, America's air and water had been getting cleaner for decades, thanks partly to greater affluence richer societies can afford to pay for pollution controls like sewage treatment and partly to the progress of technology the pollution from cars today in New York City is nothing compared to the soot from coal-burning furnaces and the solid waste from horses at the turn of the century.

Simon asserted that innovations would take care of new forms of pollution, and he set about disputing the various alarming estimates of tropical deforestation, species extinction, eroding topsoil, paved-over farmland and declining fisheries.

But why don't the doomsayers see that, in the aggregate, things are getting better? Why do they always think we're at a turning point -- or at the end of the road?

They deny our creative powers for solutions. It's only because we used those powers so well in the past that we can afford to worry about things like losing species and wetlands.

Until we got so rich and healthy and productive at agriculture, a wetland was a swamp with malarial mosquitoes that you had to drain so you could have cropland to feed your family.

Simon's fiercest battle has been against Paul Ehrlich's idea that the world has too many people. The two have never debated directly -- Ehrlich has always refused, saying that Simon is a "fringe character" -- but they have lambasted each other in scholarly journal articles with titles like "An Economist in Wonderland" and "Paul Ehrlich Saying It Is So Doesn't Make It So.

But he maintains that there are long-term benefits when those children become productive, resourceful adults. He has supported making abortion and family-planning services available to women to give them more freedom, but he has vehemently opposed programs that tell people how many children to have.

He attacked Ehrlich for suggesting that governments should consider using coercion to limit family size and for endorsing the startling idea that the United States should consider cutting off food aid to countries that refuse to control population growth.

Among academics, Simon seems to be gaining in the debate. Many scientists are still uncomfortable with his sweeping optimism about the future -- there is no guarantee, after all, that past trends will continue -- and most population experts are not sure that the current rate of population growth in the third world is going to bring the long-term benefits predicted by Simon.

But the consensus has been shifting against Ehrlich's idea of population growth as the great evil.

Simon's work helped prompt the National Academy of Sciences to prepare a report, which noted that there was no clear evidence that population growth makes countries poorer.

It concluded that slower population growth would probably benefit third world countries, but argued that other factors, like a country's economic structure and political institutions, were much more important to social well-being.

The report opposed the notion of using government coercion to control family size. It noted that most experts expected the world food situation to continue improving, and it concluded that, for the foreseeable future, "the scarcity of exhaustible resources is at most a minor constraint on economic growth.

But Simon is still far behind when it comes to winning over the general public. This past Earth Day he did not fare much better than he did in Ehrlich was still the one all over national television.

In the weeks leading up to Earth Day in April, Ehrlich did spots for the "Today" show and appeared on other programs promoting his new book, "The Population Explosion," which declares that "the population bomb has detonated.

It was a scene to make Cornucopians wonder if the ancient Greeks who described Cassandra's curse -- fated to be always right but never heeded -- had gotten it precisely backward.

The crowd of more than , applauded heartily after Ehrlich told them that population growth could produce a world in which their grandchildren would endure food riots in the streets of America.

Ehrlich did not mention Simon by name, although he did refer to him at another event that Earth Day weekend, a symposium of ecologists inside the domed auditorium of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

The symposium was devoted to the question of natural resources -- "Population and Scarcity: The Forgotten Dimensions" -- and Ehrlich talked about humanity squandering irreplaceable capital.

He praised a colleague who had advocated the idea of governments' stopping economic growth by setting quotas on the amount of resources that could be used each year.

Ehrlich criticized the shortsightedness of economists, and he got a laugh when he alluded to Simon's book: "The ultimate resource -- the one thing we'll never run out of is imbeciles.

That same day Simon spoke only a block away in a small, low-ceilinged conference room at another Earth Day symposium.

It was sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a group that explores free-market solutions to environmental problems.

In an intense, quiet voice, Simon declared that the Malthusians "must either turn a blind eye to the scientifc evidence or be blatantly dishonest intellectually.

Human history has never shown any achievement to hold a candle to that. You'd expect lovers of human life to be jumping with joy at this incredible success.

Instead, across the street we've got them lamenting that there are so many people alive. He seemed a little disappointed that there were only 16 people in the audience to celebrate his message.

Ehrlich did not even bother to write a letter. Each of the five metals chosen by Ehrlich's group, when adjusted for inflation since , had declined in price.

The drop was so sharp, in fact, that Simon would have come out slightly ahead overall even without the inflation adjustment called for in the bet.

Prices fell for the same Cornucopian reasons they had fallen in previous decades -- entrepreneurship and continuing technological improvements.

Prospectors found new lodes, such as the nickel mines around the world that ended a Canadian company's near monopoly of the market. Thanks to computers, new machines and new chemical processes, there were more efficient ways to extract and refine the ores for chrome and the other metals.

For many uses, the metals were replaced by cheaper materials, notably plastics, which became less expensive as the price of oil declined even during this year's crisis in the Persian Gulf, the real cost of oil remained lower than in Telephone calls went through satellites and fiber-optic lines instead of copper wires.

Ceramics replaced tungsten in cutting tools. Cans were made of aluminum instead of tin, and Vogt's fears about America going to war over tin remained unrealized.

The most newsworthy event in the 's concerning that metal was the collapse of the international tin cartel, which gave up trying to set prices in when the market became inundated with excess supplies.

Nevertheless, he has no plans to take up Simon's new offer: "The bet doesn't mean anything. Julian Simon is like the guy who jumps off the Empire State Building and says how great things are going so far as he passes the 10th floor.

I still think the price of those metals will go up eventually, but that's a minor point. A couple that BettingPlanet. Both of these sites are licensed elsewhere, but have massive global appeal, with the diverse range of markets and odds they promote.

Another to consider is Bodog India , which is designed especially for the emerging Indian sports betting market with comprehensive options for cricket, tennis, soccer and more.

Cricket is the centrepiece of the Indian betting landscape with T20, notably the IPL, having millions of dollars wagered on it each year.

The Indian national team, in T20s, Test matches and One Day Internationals, are also heavily wagered on by the cricket-mad public.

Bookmakers accepting Indian punters will have many different markets on cricket matches right around the globe; for example Bet has wagering on upwards of 10 different leagues from around the globe, plus extensive Test match markets.

The English Premier League has a huge following in India and an increasing wagering volume as more and more people tune in on television and bet with their online bookies.

Basketball has become a popular sport with young people in India, with most schools and universities now having it on the curricular.

Table Tennis is another game in which India excel, with their no. The fighting codes, such as MMA, wrestling and boxing, also garner interest with bettors and sport fans.

Field hockey is another major sport in India, with the national teams taking over centre stage during World Championship and Olympic tournaments.

There are many bookmakers in the world that operate in their specific countries or niches and many of them will accept Indian punters. Bookies like Bet and Betway deal in Rupees and have a great range of sports to wager on including:.

The Indian premier league is one of the biggest annual betting events in the world and the host country is the biggest culprit, although the international nature of the tournament ensures other countries get involved.

While the figures from corporate online bookies are not readily available on a country breakdown, you can imagine betting sites like Bet do massive business throughout cricket season, which pretty much runs all year round now.

Our no. If you are local Dafabet could be the best option given they are easier to deposit at, but if you are local and looking to bet on International cricket Bet provides a great option given they operate in over countries.

Most online betting sites will have extensive mobile websites, which basically just mirror the desktop website. The bigger operators like Bet will also have downloadable apps, although it is currently not available in India.

Expect at some point in for sports betting to be legalised in India, which will mean the Apple App Store and Google Play, which has just announced it will be stocking gambling apps moving forward, will be flush with various betting companies apps.

This is where options like opening a Neteller or Entropay account can be beneficial. With this method you use the web wallet as an intermediary between you and the bookmaker.

You simply link your card up to your Neteller account and make a transfer to your web wallet. This method is instant from your card to the web wallet.

The transfer from the web wallet to the bookmaker will take a few minutes, but is also basically instant. There are many other ways to fund your Neteller account including bank transfers and in the flesh in a bank.

One bookmaker, which does well in India because it accepts local bank transfers, is Dafabet. They offer a great range of markets on football competitions around the world and many Asian competitions including various cricket leagues.

Other popular deposit methods at bookmakers include Paypal, bank transfers and pre-paid cards like Visas or Mastercards. The legislation that makes India a grey area is based on the Public Gambling Act, which is almost years old and dates back to British settlement in India.

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